Fit Freeq is a site dedicated to fitness learning. We do tons of research and deliver what we feel are the most beneficial findings to our readers; everyday people.

What We Research

If it relates to fitness and shows any promise to the greater community, we will likely research it. That is somewhat vague, but there is a lot of information and products out there regarding fitness. It’s hard to get to it all. We approach the sea of information with a methodical approach that attempts to see through the hype.

Why We Do This

After thousands of years on Earth, society still doesn’t have a solid grasp on what is “healthy” and “safe” for our bodies. Add to that the fact that so many people and organizations are out to make a buck regardless of the consequences, and you have a miasma of misinformation, with little islands of truth scattered about.

We strive to find the truths. Furthermore, each body is different. When we can, we try to present our findings to you with a list of caveats, concerns, and adjustments for various body types.

Who We Really Are

“We” are a small group of real people that truly care about fitness and personal well-being. Currently, we are Matt and Chrissy; a husband and wife team. Matt is a computer programmer who has to balance time sitting in front of a computer with enough exercise to combat “sitting disease“. Chrissy is an ex electrical engineer who now writes about life-learning experiences for a living.

Fit Freeq is owned by Axiom Forge, Inc.

How We Make Money

Yes, we do have to make money in order dedicate the proper time and energy to our endeavors. Likewise, we have to pay for hosting, products that we review (unless they are donated to us for that purpose), guest writers, research analysts, photography, and much more.

When we can, we include links to other websites that include affiliate/associate data to identify us as the referrer. With that data, those websites can identify us as the reason our readers visited their sites (and maybe even purchased one of their products). We may earn referral fees and/or commissions as a result of our suggestions.

Full Disclosure

Wherever appropriate, we will always disclose (barring human error) to our readers the finer details of our product reviews and informational suggestions. For example, if a company sends us a free product to review, we will let you know just that. However, we never intend to be influenced by such gestures, with regards to our evaluation of those products or information.

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